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What gives you the spooks?

Where are you the happiest?

If you were an animal you'd be a:

What do you look for in a friend?

You have to be away from your family for one month. You're:

What's your favourite summer camp activity?

Are you a Night Owl or a Dogfish?
Totally Night Owl!

You're a total bookworm and super-organised – you love planning things to do with your bestie!
Extremely Dogfish!

You aren't scared of ANYTHING, are you're cool, calm and confident in any crowd!
A Bit of Both!

You're the perfect combo of these two besties. You might be seriously but you're also undoubtedly fearless.
100% Original

You're not much like either Night Owl Avery or Dogfish Bett (but we’re sure they’d both be your bestie). You're an original! Come up with your own, unique pen name!

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