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Knowing how to support your child’s learning can be difficult. But children love it when you chat with them and do things together, and every time you do you will be lighting up their imagination, fuelling their development and helping them grow and make sense of the world. Three simple activities – chatting, playing and reading – are a great way to engage with a child and help them learn. Story House Egmont know that magazines offer the perfect opportunity to do all of these things together.

Story House Egmont and Hungry Little Minds are working in partnership to bring you fun ideas that you and your child can both enjoy doing together. Kids start learning from the moment they are born. Simple things, such as chatting, playing and reading with your little one can make a big difference to their development. Story House Egmont’s magazines are packed with lots of great activities for you and your child to do together. That’s why we at Story House Egmont are proud to support the Department for Education’s Hungry Little Minds campaign! For more information and even more ideas that can help boost your child’s early learning, visit Hungry Little Minds.