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Story House Egmont knows how important quality content and play value is to our readers and their grown-ups. That’s why, in 2022, we asked the Good Play Guide to review our magazines and cover gifts, to make sure we were providing you and your children with the highest standard of magazines possible. We were extremely pleased with the feedback we received, which highlighted that our content and gifts not only offered many opportunities to learn through play, but that they also helped children develop core skills in all their developmental areas (cognitive, physical, social and emotional).

We are also proud to announce that in Summer 2022, Story House Egmont’s magazines received official accreditation from the Good Toy Guide. This accreditation means you can be assured that when purchasing a magazine from us, you’re not just giving a treat to your child, you’re also getting a product that offers a range of developmental and educational benefits and gifts that can be played with time and time again.

To read more about the Good Toy Guide and The Good Play Guide please visit their website: goodplayguide.com.