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On the twelfth day of Christmas Egmont gave to me…

A Pocketful of (Origami) Stars!

A Pocketful of Origami Stars

Origami lucky stars are used to signify how much you love or care about someone. The greater the amount of stars that you give someone, the deeper the meaning. If you’re not giving the stars as a gift of love, then the stars can be used to make a wish. Write a secret or a wish on the reverse before you fold it up.


  1. Start with a strip of paper, roughly 11 inches long by an inch wide.A Pocketful of Origami Stars
  2. Make a knot near one end of the strip and flatten as shown.
  3. Turn over and tuck the short loose end of paper into the back of the knot.
  4. Fold the long loose end of paper across the star so that it wraps flatly across the opposite edge.
  5. Turn over and fold again
  6. Repeat folding and wrapping the strip across the shape until the strip is too short to do so again. When that happens tuck the loose end into the back side.
  7. When the wrapping is complete you should be left with a small neat pentagon like so:
  8. Next place your thumbs and forefingers on the star as shown. Carefully press inward on four of the five edges to inflate the star. Rotate and press on the last of the five edges to give the star it’s five points.
  9. Here is your completed origami lucky star!