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Teachers and Librarians Competition: Anne Fine

Closing date: 2nd July 2018

In June’s teachers and librarians competition win 30 copies of How to Write Really Badly by former Children’s Laureate, Anne Fine.

Chester can see Joe’s project ‘How to Write Neatly’ can only be a disaster. Joe makes a terrible mess of his work, jumbling letters and numbers up together.

But a project called ‘How to Write Really Badly’ – now there’s something Joe can do better than anyone else. And Chester is about to find there’s a lot more to Joe than he expected.

Anne Fine’s fun school stories have been enjoyed for over 20 years, winning her the Smarties Book Award and Carnegie Medal.

Enter our teachers and librarians competition by 02 July for your chance to win 30 copies of Anne Fine’s How to Write Really Badly for your school or library, featuring new cover art by Mark Beech and interior illustrations by Philippe Dupasquier.

You can also win a selection of Whittard teabags and a box of Lindor chocolates for your staffroom!