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International Women’s Day Competition

Closing date: 11th March 2018

Happy International Women’s Day Eg-Heads! To mark such a globally momentous day, celebrated on 08 March, we’ve hand picked some wonderful book from the Egmont bookshelves for our very special International Women’s Day competition.

From the kindest vampiress in Nocturnia, Amelia Fang, to the fiercely brave Mouse in Sarah Driver’s The Huntress: Sea, to curious Alice embarking on an adventure to Wonderland, we have picked out eight of our favourite books featuring fantastic and inspiring heroines.

You can also win a copy of Little Miss Inventor! To coincide with International Women’s Day, today Little Miss Inventor launches as a book in the classic Mr. Men Little Miss range. Little Miss Inventor is intelligent, ingenious and inventive. Her brain is full of ideas, which she turns into extraordinary inventions in a shed at the bottom of her garden. As well as inventing things for herself, she also invents things for her friends, whether it’s a chatter-natter hat for Little Miss Chatterbox or a back-pack-snack-attack fridge for Mr. Greedy.

But her greatest challenge yet has her stumped: what on earth could she invent for Mr. Rude?!

Enter our competition below for your chance to win our bundle of eight Egmont books, including Little Miss Inventor, and a copy of Amelia Fang and the Unicorn Lords, signed by author/illustrator Laura Ellen Anderson.