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Jellybeans for Giants Competition

Closing date: 24th May 2018

Win a copy of Jellybeans for Giants, the newest rhyming adventure in the bestselling picture book series from Adam and Charlotte Guillain, illustrated by Lee Wildish.

A boy called George had a thought. Maybe giants really do exist.

When George plants a jellybean in his garden it grows into an enormous beanstalk and George is sure there must be a friendly giant at the top!

As he climbs up the beanstalk, higher and higher, George stumbles upon some unexpected friends. He meets a magical pixie, a stinky troll and gets stuck in a very sticky web, but will he find a giant?

A classic fairytale story with fun rhymes and silly humour, Jellybeans for Giants is the perfect for children aged 3 years and up.

For your chance to win a copy of Jellybeans for Giants, the latest the in the George’s Amazing Adventures picture book series, enter our competition by 24 May.