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Kevin Brooks’ Dogchild Competition

Closing date: 13th September 2018

Enter this month’s Electric Monkey competition for your chance to win Dogchild, the newest novel from award-winning writer Kevin Brooks.

Jeet was raised by a pack of wild dogs.

Recaptured and ‘rehumanised’, Jeet now lives with the last of his people. He lives in an ancient walled town in the expanse of the Deathlands, besieged by an enemy clan.

They are preparing for the final battle and it’s Jeet’s task to record the events. But Jeet is struggling to come to terms with his half-human, half-dog identity.

Can the impending conflict, and his relationship with another rehumanised dogchild, shed any light on what it takes to be a survivor?

For your chance to win a copy of Dogchild and as Born Scared, the first of Kevin Brooks’s novels for Electric Monkey, enter our competition by 13 September 2018.