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Minecraft Bundle Competition

Closing date: 8th May 2018

Win our two brilliant new Minecraft books and a bundle of Minecraft goodies.

This May Egmont Publishing are adding two exciting new books to the Minecraft library!

The official Minecraft Guide to Enchantments and Potions will teach you how to improve your chances of game survival.

You will learn how to enchant your tools, weapons and armour with the right effect for every dangerous situation and discover how to brew potions to improve your performance and to weaken your opponents. Once you’re an enchantments and potions expert you’ll discover how to build an impressive magic tower where you can put your newfound skills to good use.

Younger Minecraft fan can brave the perilous Nether and End dimensions and learn all about the dangers that await with our official Mojang sticker book.

Discover which items you’ll need to take with you, how to deal with the terrifying hostile mobs you’ll encounter, where to look for naturally generated structures and loot by completing the activities inside.

Packed with tips, tricks and hundreds of stickers the Nether and End Sticker book is perfect for younger Minecraft fans.

For your chance to win a copy of both books, a Minecraft back pack, lego set and Minecraft light, enter our competition by 08 May 2018.