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Minecraft: The Survivors’ Book of Secrets Competition

Closing date: 12th June 2016

Be one of the first to get your hands on Minecraft: The Survivors’ Book of Secrets, the latest in the official publishing from Mojang, the creators of Minecraft. Find out more about Minecraft: The Survivors’ Book of Secrets here.

This book contains the collective knowledge of the Survivors – an underground group of Minecraft experts who’ve been around since the early days of Alpha.

Written by the Chief – the leader of the group – it contains their most cunning plans and their most ingenious inventions. On the home front, you’ll learn what kind of base best suits your needs, what to stock in your arsenal and how to protect your base with imaginitive defensive features. Out in the field you’ll learn how to stalk your enemies, how to master the art of practical munitions and how to crush any opponent in hand-to-hand combat. The Chief also shares little-known tips for how to thrive in the Nether and End, and, once you’re really confident, how to attempt a speed run to the End dimension.