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Modern Classics Bundle Competition

Closing date: 3rd April 2018

This month we published the Egmont modern classic, Ghost of Thomas Kempe by Penelope Lively. To celebrate, we’re giving you the chance to win a five book bundle of Egmont Modern Classics.

A Carnegie Medal award winning classic, The Ghost of Thomas Kempe is an iconic ghost story enjoyed by generations. When no on else believes that it is a ghost causing the strange things happening in his family’s new cottage, it’s left to James to get rid of him. Or he’ll have no pocket money or pudding ever again.

I Am David is the remarkable story of David’s introduction to the world, in which David escapes from the concentration camp where he has spent his entire life and flees across Europe.

National Velvet is a classic tale of dreams and ambition that sees fourteen year old Velvet set her sights on the biggest horse race in England. But can a girl win the Grand National?

In The Whitby Witches we meet Ben who is gifted with ‘the sight’. When he and Jennet arrive in the seaside town of Whitby they find a darkness is stalking the streets, bringing with it fear and death. Could it be a ghost from the Abbey? Or a beast from hell? Unless the truth is uncovered, the town and all its inhabitants is doomed.

The Wind Singer is the first book in William Nicholson’s award-winning fantasy adventure series. When Kestrel learns the secret of the wind singer, she and her twin brother, Bowman, set out on a terrifying journey to the true source of evil that grips the walled city of Aramant in order to save their family.

For your chance to win this amazing five book bundle of Egmont Classics, enter our competition by 03 April 2018.