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Teacher and Librarian Competition: The Ghost of Thomas Kempe

Closing date: 2nd April 2018

In this month’s teachers and librarians competition we’re giving away 30 copies of the Carnegie Medal award winning book, The Ghost of Thomas Kempe by Penelope Lively.

James is fed up. His family has moved to a new cottage – with grounds that are great for excavations, and trees that are perfect for climbing – and stuff is happening. Stuff that is normally the kind of thing he does. But it’s not him who’s writing strange things on shopping lists and fences. It’s not him who smashes bottles and pours tea in the Vicar’s lap. It’s a ghost – honestly. Thomas Kempe the 17th century apothecary has returned and he wants James to be his apprentice.

No one else believes in ghosts. It’s up to James to get rid of him. Or he’ll have no pocket money or pudding ever again.

An iconic ghost story for children, The Ghost of Thomas Kempe is a modern classic and continues to be adored by generations of readers.

Enter our teacher and librarian competition by 02 April for your chance to win 30 copies of The Ghost of Thomas Kempe, featuring a new cover illustration by Anuska Allepuz, for your school or library, as well as a selection of Whittard teabags and a box of Lindt Lindor chocolates for your staffroom.