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The Last Kids on Earth Competition

Closing date: 2nd October 2016

Meet Jack Sullivan, self-described as a late-blooming, slow-developing 13-year-old who has so far survived the Zombie apocalypse by hiding out in his treehouse. Overnight Jack’s life has become like the plot of a video game and he has come up with his own ULTIMATE FEATS OF APOCALYPTIC SUCCESS:

·      Locate Quint Baker, best friend and inventor

·      Find and rescue June Del Toro, his secret love interest

·      Defeat Blarg, the biggest, baddest monster in town

·      Become a zombie-fighting, monster-bashing tornado of cool!

Win a signed copy of The Last Kids on Earth!

Jack Sullivan is back.

It’s still TOTAL MONSTER ZOMBIE CHAOS on the streets, but now Jack has a gang of friends to help him through – science genius and best friend Quint, super-strong Dirk and all-round coolest girl ever, June. Not to mention Rover, Jack’s awesome monster pet!

Plus the treehouse is more souped up than ever, chockablock with defensive gizmos and ready to withstand anything that the monster apocalypse can throw at it.

Which is just as well, because there’s something extra-big and extra-monstrous marching right around the corner…

Win a signed copy of The Last Kids on Earth and the Zombie Parade!

Plus other survival kit goodies!