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A Walk Through the Woods Librarians Competition

Closing date: 1st August 2018

This month we’re offering libraries the chance to win 30 copies of A Walk through the Woods by Louise Grieg and Helen Musslewhite for their bookshelves.

The forest is calling me with a woodwind song . . .

The branches wave a friendly, green greeting. This way? That way? Wildflowers sway to light a path.

Wander through the woods, where wildlife and plants are waiting to be discovered in this immersive and magical paper-cut world.

Helen Musselwhite’s intricate and beautifully crafted paper scenes are accompanied by Louise Greig’s lyrical voice in this enchanting walk through the woods. Peep through the forest and follow along as you unfold each detailed, handcrafted scene.

For your chance to win 30 copies of A Walk Through the Woods for your library, as well as a selection box of teabags and chocolates for your staffroom, enter our competition by 01 August 2018.