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How old are you? If you are under 13 years you need to ask your parents or your legal guardian if they consent to you using Egmont’s programs and games. We understand that you feel like a grown up even though you are under 13 but the law says you are not! So please call your parents and make them read and consent to the information below.

1 Your child’s Personal Information

1.1 When a child signs up for competitions, Egmont UK will collect and process information, also known as personal data about the child. Further, Egmont UK will with this consent form collect and process personal data about you as consenting parent or legal guardian. Egmont UK collects the personal data for the purpose of drawing and contacting the winner of the competition (the “Purpose”).

1.2 Egmont UK will collect and process the following personal data:

(a) Your child first name, age & gender and your email address.

1.3 Processing simply means that Egmont UK will register the personal data in a computer and store the personal data as long as it is necessary for Egmont UK to deliver the prize to your child and to you.

1.4 All personal data will be treated as confidential information and will be used for the Purpose only.

1.5 You and your child’s personal data will be stored by Egmont in the United Kingdom and may be accessed by Egmont outsourcers or Egmont group (Denmark) on a need to know basis.

1.6 Egmont UK may transfer your and your child’s personal data to one of its supplier’s in a country outside the EU/EEA (including Norway). In such event, Egmont UK will remain responsible for you and your child’s data and ensure the supplier has an adequate level of data protection. In case Egmont UK transfers your personal information to third parties outside of the EU/EEA (including Norway), this will be done on the legal basis of the EU standard Contractual Clauses, unless the privacy shield certification provides the adequate data protection, or the country is approved by the EU Commission as providing adequate protection of personal Data.

1.7 Egmont UK will keep your and your child’s personal data until fulfilment of the competition, unless Egmont UK is required under applicable law to keep your and your child’s personal data for a longer period of time. This may be for bookkeeping purposes or similar.

1.8 You can obtain a copy of your and your child’s personal data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format by contacting Egmont UK head office at storyhouseegmont.co.uk/contact-us/.

1.9 You can obtain further information on the personal data which Egmont UK stores and processes about you and your child’s by contacting Egmont UK head office at storyhouseegmont.co.uk/contact-us/. Further, you may object to your and/or your child’s personal data being processed, request that you or your child’s personal data is rectified or withdraw your consent to such processing at any time. If you wish to withdraw your consent or have your or your child’s data rectified, please contact Egmont UK head office at storyhouseegmont.co.uk/contact-us/.Further, if you have any complaints about Egmont UK processing of your or your child’s personal data, you may contact the Danish Data Protection Agency.

1.10 If you make a request, you may do so in writing, e.g. via email. However, emails must not be sent through social networking platforms, but should be sent through the Egmont UK Division’s website. The request must be made by the data subject to Egmont UK head office at storyhouseegmont.co.uk/contact-us/.

1.11 You are obliged to provide proof of identity and residence before the request is processed by Egmont. Under normal circumstances no fee will be applied by Egmont UK for the processing of the request. Egmont UK may ask for such information which Egmont UK may reasonably require in order to confirm your identity and to locate the information which you seek.

1.12 Egmont UK must respond to a request within a maximum of four (4) weeks from receipt of the request or, within this deadline, inform you when a response will be provided.

1.13 Egmont UK will be processing your personal data based on your consent which you will provide when signing this consent form.