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reading ladder level 3
Level 3 Reading Ladder titles are perfect for fluent readers who are beginning to read exciting, challenging stories independently. You find the complete collection of Reading Ladder books here and Reading Ladder Level 3 books here.
Book bands: Level 3 books cover book band colours Gold, White and Lime.

Reading Ladder Level 3Reading ladder Non Fiction PDF

Ideas for guided reading

  • Encourage your child as they read. Praise is a key part of making reading fun.
  • By this stage, your child will be beginning to read fluently out loud. Instead of correcting each mistake they make as they are reading, go back to words they found difficult once they have finished the story. This will help them maintain the flow of their reading.
  • Talk about the themes and events raised in the story with your child. Have they read any other stories that contain similar ideas or characters? This will help them to begin to enjoy comparing and contrasting stories.

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