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The Really Useful Stories series is designed to support toddlers’ development and explore key preschool themes including sharing, fear of the dark, making friends and teamwork. Each book includes suggestions for grown-ups about ways of using the story to help their child talk about new experiences.

Thomas and Friends: Who’s Afraid of the Dark? A story about being brave

When Gordon gets asked to pull the night train, he’s too embarrassed to admit he’s afraid of the dark!

Can Thomas help his friend overcome his fear and get the job done?

Thomas and Friends: Delivery at the Docks: A story about making friends

Frankie is excited to help out at the Sodor Docks, but the other engines are worried about adding a new member to their team.

Can they work it out and become friends?

Thomas & Friends: Trouble on the Tracks: A Sharing Story

There’s trouble on the tracks when Percy wants to borrow Thomas’ carriages for an important job, but Thomas isn’t sure he wants to share.

Can the friends find a way to work together and save the day?

Thomas & Friends: The Great Rescue: A Story About Teamwork

When Whiskers the kitten is lost on Sodor, Thomas asks his friends Flynn the Fire Engine and Harold the Helicopter to help find him.

Can they work together as a team and save Whiskers?