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Reading for Pleasure

Egmont’s Reading for Pleasure research explores why reading for pleasure matters, including the impact of attainment and wellbeing. What encourages children to read for pleasure and what are the benefits? Equally, what are the current trends and challenges?

Stories and Choices

A new research study commissioned by Egmont Publishing UK in collaboration with St Joseph’s Catholic Academy in Stoke on Trent, The Book People and Family, Kids & Youth research. Stories and Choices explores the impact prioritising reading for pleasure in school has on a child’s overall love of reading for pleasure. Egmont worked with 7-11 year olds and their teachers from September to December 2018 at St Joseph’s Catholic Academy in Stoke on Trent, an area of deprivation and a National Literacy Trust Hub to research exactly this.

Print Matters More

Egmont Publishing’s latest research, Print Matters More, explores whether is it possible to turn reluctant child readers into passionate readers. Building on insights from Print Matters, the study set out to explore whether the deep emotional connection that reading with a child inspires can influence behaviour change and encourage more reading and more book buying.

Print Matters More Project Extension

Egmont Publishing’s extension to their Print Matters More research further explores the impact of free choice on a child’s interest in, and enthusiasm for, reading for pleasure. It also identifies three roles that parents should take to encourage their child to read for pleasure.

The Reading Magic Project

Egmont Publishing’s most recent research, The Reading Magic Project, explores why reading to 3-4 year olds is in decline and what can be done to encourage more reading and more book buying in families with children of this age.

The study investigates the impact of giving parents plenty of very specific advice and help and the effect of a stimulating retail environment on reading and books buying.

Creating Readers for the Future

Egmont UK’s annual review of the children’s market in 2017 explores trends in reading and in the book and magazine markets.

Breaking Down Barriers

Egmont Publishing UK’s annual review of the children’s market in 2016 explores consumer trends and the barriers and opportunities for reading and buying, for both books and magazines.

Print Matters

Egmont Publishing’s research piece, Print Matters, explores parents’ and children’s responses to reading children’s books, including print books, eBooks, apps and magazines. The research is made up of two studies conducted with Family Kids and Youth and with The University of Sussex’s Children and Technology Lab, part of the School of Psychology. The findings of the two investigations are brought together to form a view of the conscious, unconscious and physical responses to reading.

Reading Street

Reading Street is a study by Egmont Publishing following the changing nature of children’s reading. The study includes a number of different aspects, including reading and home, at school, the effect of digital on reading and Christmas traditions.