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Egmont Publishing, the UK’s biggest children’s specialist publisher, continues to grow its market-leading magazines and attract new readers every month.

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Each year the ABC produce audited reports on sales performance for magazines, comparing the results per month and title, to show growth year on year and period on period.

The latest ABC reports have shown that increasing numbers of readers are enjoying Egmont magazines compared to last year, with not only a yearly but a monthly increase in sales across multiple popular titles.

Siobhan Galvin, Commercial Director of Magazines at Egmont Publishing said, ‘We are delighted with the performance across our portfolio. The success of our market-leading magazines is a result of our collaborative, creative and innovative relationship with our partners. Our leading Own Brand titles Toxic and Go Girl demonstrate our publishing expertise and ability to adapt to changing consumer trends.’

‘We know from our research that parents value the physicality and the overall package printed magazines provide – they appreciate how they offer time away from screens and enable them to spend time doing activities and reading together with their children.’

Popular Magazines for Everyone

Go Girl Magazine Disney Princess, a top ten title at retail since its launch 20 years ago, has proven its ongoing popularity by showing incredible year-on-year (YOY) growth of 27.5% and period-on-period (POP Jan to Jun) growth of 18.4%.

Egmont also continues to lead the way in Own Brand publishing, with Go Girl delivering impressive YOY and POP growth of 24.9% and 11.1% respectively. Toxic remains the first choice magazine for pre-teen boys, showing that Egmont’s focus on quality content, exclusive brand partnerships and value-for-money packages is still meeting the needs of its consumers.

Paw Patrol continues to be a phenomenal success. The latest ABC results show pop and YOY growth of 9.3% and 6.8% respectively. Now in its third year of publishing, and still delivering growth, Paw Patrol is set to become an evergreen title of the future.

Thomas & Friends continues to delight young fans three decades since its launch, delivering pop growth of 3%. The release of the latest Thomas & Friends movie, ‘Big World, Big Adventures’, is sure to attract even more young fans to the magazine this summer.

Egmont Publishing’s top Magazine titles by 2017 unit sales are:

  • Frozen – 59,017
  • Lego Star Wars – 49,016
  • Paw Patrol – 48,087
  • Disney Princess – 45,037
  • Go Girl – 40,014
  • Toxic – 35,091
  • Thomas & Friends – 35,042
  • Total for Egmont – 311,304

About Egmont Magazines

At Egmont Publishing, we know that children’s magazines are an affordable ‘treat with benefits’. The unique package of print activities, stories and play have a valuable role in improving literacy, reading for pleasure and child development.

We recognise that for many children reading a book can be daunting, with our research showing that one third of children prefer reading magazines to books. That’s why we’re proud of our broad magazine portfolio, which makes reading accessible for all ages, stages and preferences. Free choice increases a child’s motivation to read and our wide range of titles is sure to offer a magazine to entertain every child.

We work with brands that children love and our magazines offer official content for best-loved characters like Thomas the Tank Engine, Disney Frozen’s Anna, Elsa and Olaf, the Paw Patrol pups, and many others. Our two own-brand pre-teen magazines, Toxic and Go Girl, cover all the latest trends, from unicorns to Fortnite. In purchasing our magazines, parents can trust that their child will be entertained by their favourite characters, engaged in an off-screen activity whilst developing their soft skills and reading by stealth.