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Egmont Publishing is excited to announce its latest, exciting venture in acquiring the rights to publish Fingerlings magazine.

Partnering with WowWee Inc in a brand-new publishing partnership, Egmont is excited to be tapping into the huge collectibles trend and bringing the world of Fingerlings to the UK magazine market. The deal was brokered by Striker Entertainment, WowWee’s worldwide licensing agency.

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The collectible interactive toys have topped charts since their launch in 2017 and continued to go from strength to strength in 2018. Over 10 million Fingerlings toys have been sold to date, and the brand was also awarded the Toy Association’s Overall Toy of the Year (TOTY) and Collectible Toy of the Year, for 2018. The growth of Fingerlings sees no signs of slowing down. November 2018 NPD data demonstrates that Fingerlings is the 6th highest growth property in the entire toy market.

Encompassing the Fingerlings brand value of ‘Friendship at your fingertips’, the magazine will be full of fun, games, puzzles and stories that will encourage readers to explore the magic of storytelling, the Fingerlings way!

Laura Adnitt, Publishing Director at Egmont Publishing, said, “We have been waiting for the perfect brand to enter into the highly successful collectibles market and we are thrilled to have Fingerlings as our brand of choice. The magazine will covermount official Fingerlings products to delight our young fans and we are sure the engaging content will deepen their love for all things Fingerlings.”

WowWee’s Sydney Wiseman, the creator of Fingerlings, said, ‘We are very excited to embark on this new partnership with Egmont. Bringing the Fingerlings’ humour, friendship and fun into a magazine format works perfectly with the interactive nature of the brand and will give readers the opportunity to connect even further with their favourite characters.’

The monthly Fingerlings magazine is set to launch later in 2019.